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About Chattanooga Area 

Association for Talent Development


To design, develop, and deliver programs that benefit chapter members and the community at large.  
To provide products and services which enhance members' knowledge and skills in the fields of talent development.  
To be the Chattanooga Area resource for best practices in learning and performance through leadership.

Program Types

Learning Events

These are typically one-hour presentations taking place during monthly mid-day chapter meetings. There is a two-tier pricing structure with one price for members and another for guests.  A lunch is typically included in the cost.  There are opportunities to network built into the first part of the event.


These events are typically anywhere from several hours to one or more full days in length and are significantly costlier than the monthly one-hour learning events.  Certifications and/or certificates of completion are typically offered.

Networking Events/ After Hours

Targeted toward talent development professionals (and business professionals overall) in the community who find it difficult to break away mid-day for a learning event, these events can be held in evenings or mornings to give more time for social interaction and networking.  Costs for these events are often minimal.

Community Service Events

Strictly done on a volunteer basis as a community service and to raise community awareness of the chapter's existence, purpose, and goals.  

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Seven-time CORE/CARE recognition! ATD Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE), formerly known as Chapter Operating Requirements (CORE), are a set of performance guidelines designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members. CARE currently consists of 5 responsibilities: administrative, financial, membership, professional development, and communication, all of which are necessary for a successful professional association.

Champion of Learning logo Our chapter was recognized as a Champion of Learning for 2013 for our participation in Employee Learning Week! Learn how you can earn the same award.

2012 SOS logoChapter SOS Winner! By Sharing Our Success - our “99 Seconds” program - we provided a replicable format for other chapters around the country to adopt and improve their chapter’s business. Read the press release.

2012 STAR logoChapter Membership STAR! Our chapter had over 50% joint Chapter/National ATD membership in 2014.

2012 STAR logo2013 STAR logoChapter Membership STAR! We met the requirement for 35% to 50% joint Chapter/National ATD membership in 2011 and 2012.

CORE logoATD National Chapter of the Month! We are a 2009 Joint Membership Challenge winner for increasing the number of joint Chapter/National members.

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