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Investing in yourself increases your value! 


Why Employee Satisfaction Is So Important to Retaining Top Talent

At AIM Careerlink, we provide some of the best tools and knowledge around when it comes to finding top talent for your company.  But finding talent is only half of the battle.  While we do everything we can to help you get great people through your door, it’s up to you to keep them–and the best way to do that is to make sure they stay satisfied with their job.  Read more...


Lean Customer Service

In the past, Lean has been primarily considered as a production practice. Because the philosophy of Lean is simply focusing on adding value to customers in the most productive way, it can and should be applied to any operational activity. Recognizing this, many business areas have already adopted using aspects of Lean methodology. A new and dynamic area now using Lean is sales and service.  Read more...

Greater Chattanooga Chapter of ASTD was recognized as a 2013 Champion of Learning!  Read more...


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Inclusion: Controversial, Emotional, but Not Optional for Business Today

Inclusion-related policies and legal regulations have long been part of economic and social change, and, at times, part of emotional and combustible debate.  The details of inclusion took 50 years of wrangling after the first Women’s Suffrage conference in the mid-1800s to achieve a constitutional amendment granting women the vote.  It took another 50 years for the Civil Rights Movement to seriously impact the workplace and establishment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Today, we are again seeing a major societal and economic transformation, and the issues are immensely complex.  Read more...


Are Salespeople Born?

How many people got and stay on top without anyone else’s help? Everyone needs help. It’s one of the critical elements of success. Know how to ask for help. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can’t think of everything yourself.  Read more...


EXPO Chattanooga

We had a wonderful time at EXPO Chattanooga!  We gained new members of ASTD, met many potential members, and helped increase awareness of our association.  It was wonderful seeing so many of you!  Read more...

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