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Wow! It's April already.  Spring is in the air and this is a time to congratulate Chattanooga on achieving 100% CARE and for being recognized as a Chapter Membership Super Star! This recognition means your chapter met all 18 elements of CARE and achieved over 50 percent joint chapter-ATD membership in 2014.  This is a great accomplishment for our Chapter, and we want to thank you for your continued support of our Chapter.

I see 2015 as a game changing year for our Chapter, moving from American Society for Training Development to the Chattanooga Area Association for Talent Development; changing the chapter's by-laws; restructuring our board to meet the chapter's needs and sustain our health; and bringing more opportunities to our members for involvement in serving on a committee and/or volunteering to assist and help manage our learning events, workshops, or certificate programs.  If interested in helping, please email us at


Are you considering attending ATD's International Conference and Exposition (ICE)?  There are about half a dozen members of the chapter who are going, and you are invited to join them!  You will get an excellent discount if you register as a part of this group.

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Choosing the Right Connections for Your Network           

Networking requires more than just knowing an abundance of people. If you want to have a successful network that will do wonders for your career, you need to make sure you take the time to know the right people. Doing so will help ensure the best outcome possible, in terms of career progression and growth.

Bring Your Own 
Technology to Enhance 
Your Efficiency

by: Mia Drudge

Since Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) is becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern workplace, I wanted to share some recommendations for those who may be interested in replacing or augmenting their organization’s provided equipment with their own software or devices.  Consumer technology tends to outpace what organizations can afford to implement, leading to frustration and feeling hampered by the sometimes outdated technology our company gives us.  Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of whatever you have.


3-Sigma Learner 

By: Marigrace McKay

Crazy as it may seem, my team and I were able to show that ‘the process’ of training design performed at a 3-sigma level. Whoa!  I will explain, please read on.

The series of statistical analyses ‘proved’ that the process of instructional design that we employed in developing an e-learning platform was a stable process. Stable means that the process was reliable, repeatable, and had a calculated, defined level of performance (3-sigma) as a process.


Employer Job Fair Tips

By: Craig Keplinger

In the competitive quest for talent, career fairs continue to deliver. They’re a great way for recruiters to engage personally with candidates, to make connections for future needs, or close the deal with an on the spot hire. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time recruiter, preparation and attention to detail can help you maximize your efforts.


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