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April 2016 Newsletter

President's Message

Change is an inevitable part of this spring season as we awake from our winter slumber and witness the beauty waking up around us. Spring is a great time to think about the personal and professional goals that you want to achieve this year and what it’s going to take to reach them. This season also reminds me that 2016 is a year of rebirth for ATD Chattanooga as we welcome new board and chapter members, offer a variety of new programs and build new partnerships in the community.


Upcoming Watch & Learn Webcasts

ATD gives you the opportunity to connect live with industry leaders with the Watch & Learn webcast series. These hour-long webcasts cover a wide range of important topics and trends within the training and development field to give you an introduction to new topics or to take a closer look at others.


Recruiting Advice -- by AIM

One of the biggest challenges an employer faces is finding great talent. Your ability to discover rock star employees can either make or break your organization. When talent is scarce it's not enough to simply post a job and wait for the applications to roll in. You need job postings to spread and social media is key.


Building Rapport with Learners -- by Bob Lucas

One point to remember when designing activities and planning your delivery strategy is that some learners may be uncomfortable being a focal point in your workshop. This could create challenges if you call upon them to role-play or ask them to share ideas and information, be a small group leader, or read material to others. Because of learner comfort level, you may have to rethink activities, session format and overall structure of the content and delivery.


See all upcoming Talent Development events 
hosted by ATD Chattanooga and other 
local organizations!

Our Program and Events calendar was recently updated to include not only events hosted by our chapter but also events hosted by other local organizations.  We want to be your one-stop shop to learn about all of the local events that are related to the talent development industry.  From UTC's upcoming "Lessons from the Mouse House," in which participants can learn how to better engage their employees, to Chattanooga State's noncredit courses, to Chamber of Commerce events (did you know that you are members of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce as a benefit of being members of ATD Chattanooga?)... we have you covered.  See a few of the most immediate events below, and click the Program and Events tab at the top right of the ATD Chattanooga website to view more!

Hire for Character - Diversify Style 
-- by Terry Massey

When building a character driven performance based culture within a company, it is imperative that you look for different styles as you select and recruit your professionals. Simply stated they are:

  1. Integrity in every aspect of our business, people, practice, and principles. We deliver on our promises.
  2. Passion for performance. We will not be mediocre at anything.
  3. Commitment to self-improvement and personal excellence.
  4. Accountability for the quality of work, as well as personal and business commitments.
  5. Relationships between people. Businesses don’t do business, people do.


Creating a Stimulating Learning Event 
-- by Bob Lucas

Learning occurs in different ways for each person. There is no one right way of presenting information and sharing your knowledge. Unfortunately, many trainers and educators do not realize or capitalize on this fact. Instead, they often provide information in a traditional lecture-based manner or in their own preferred format in hopes that everyone will get something out of it. The sad fact is that in many instances this strategy fails a percentage of learners in their group.

Rather than taking a narrow design approach of using one or two methods through which you provide information, consider better ways to address learner needs and incorporate what brain researchers have discovered about the learning brain. Look for ways to create a learning environment that continually challenges and stimulates the brain and which supports the message that you are delivering.


Four Things I Learned at ATD 
TechKnowledge 2016 -- by Sandra Neal

Just over a year ago, I shifted into a learning & development role at my company, and jumped in with both feet by attending ATD’s TechKnowledge conference. For three days, I drank from the fire hose as fast as I could, and was exhausted by the time I got home. 

I wasn’t quite as green this year, and was able to dive a little deeper. If you didn’t make the conference, here are a few sessions that impressed me – and what you can do to fold these ideas into your own environment.

  1. Creative Commons Rocks

  2. You CAN measure ROI (but you might not want to)

  3. Shooting for the Edit

  4. Augmenting Performance with Performance Support

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