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Bring Your Own Technology to Enhance Your Efficiency

by: Mia Drudge

Since Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) is becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern workplace, I wanted to share some recommendations for those who may be interested in replacing or augmenting their organization’s provided equipment with their own software or devices.  Consumer technology tends to outpace what organizations can afford to implement, leading to frustration and feeling hampered by the sometimes outdated technology our company gives us.  Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of whatever you have.

Still Using This?

Consider Updating To…

Why It’s Better


HDTV paired w/Chromecast

-or- Apple TV (if you use Mac)

  • No extra equipment needed
  • Ability to cast from mobile device

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

-or- Safari (if you use Mac)

  • Faster
  • More stable
  • Syncs across all devices

Shared Drive or SharePoint

Evernote (Free/Premium),

-or- Dropbox (Free/Premium)

-or- Microsoft OneNote

  • Mobile integration
  • Annotation & indexing options
  • Enhanced collaboration features

Windows Media Player

VLC Media Player (Freeware)

  • Built in editing capabilities
  • More codecs than you dream up = plays everything
  • Open source software being constantly updated


Android or Apple smartphone

  • 1080p HD video
  • You already have it with you
  • Syncs automatically with your devices
  • Real-time editing capabilities
  • Potentially more focus and filter options
  • Email, upload, and save files immediately
  • Paired with a collapsible tripod & Bluetooth lavaliere microphones, it makes a mobile video solution
  • Never lose an SD card or have to carry extra batteries


iPad or Tablet paired with keyboard case

  • Faster
  • Lighter, more portable
  • Photo & video capabilities built-in
  • If you forget your power cord, you’re likely still good to go

Company Desktop

or Laptop

Microsoft Remote Desktop software to remote in from your personal machine

  • No more being tied to the office
  • No more bringing company laptop to and from home office
  • Leverage your personal machine’s performance advantages

Mia is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with over 7 years of diverse experience in multiple industries such as transportation, government, and manufacturing.  She currently works for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) as an eLearning Designer.  She is passionate about process improvement, learner engagement, and innovation.  Outside of work, Mia spends her time volunteering as a Big Sister, riding sport bikes with her husband, and keeping up with their 4 dogs!  She has recently relocated to the Chattanooga area and looks forward to meeting more wonderful people here.

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