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Call for Presenters!

It's summer 2016, which means we are starting to plan our programs for 2017.  We would love for you to be a presenter at our chapter!  Do you have expertise in any of the following categories?  Click on the image to learn more about ATD's Areas of Expertise and Foundational Competencies.

The main point of the presentation must clearly align with an ATD Area of Expertise or Foundational Competency.  Speaking events vary in length. The standard length of the monthly meetings is 50 minutes including time for Q&A. Each 50 minute presentation MUST be self-contained in the sense it must not be rushed or a truncated version of “normally longer sessions.” Each presentation must be interactive and leave attendees with the feeling that expressed learning goals were accomplished.  If you would like to have a separate, longer workshop the day before or after the lunch meeting, we are amenable to such plans and will gladly work with you to advertise and secure a venue.

Does this sound like an opportunity you would like to take advantage of?  Great!  Start by filling out the Presentation Proposal and forwarding it to Leanne Barron to begin discussions and planning.  We are excited to learn with you!

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