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Happy New Year!

"Do one thing every day that scares you," a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. As we enter 2016, we reflect on 2015 and look forward to what lies ahead. Most of us like the idea of a fresh start, and each year we make resolutions. For many, they are hard to keep. When I think of the quote, I feel it encourages us to step outside of our routine. To do something we may talk about, but never take action on. It requires effort. Taking risks may result in failure, but those lessons can lead to greater success.

I am very pleased with the team that has agreed to get or stay involved as ATD’s Board of Directors, and I look forward to our accomplishments in 2016! Of course, that includes our members; as we often say, we are open to and welcome any thoughts you may have. A chapter should support the needs of its members, and we are always seeking ways to provide tools that will help YOU grow. Many do not think of their local ATD chapter as a resource, but it is - you are not alone.

Start off your year right and join us at our January meeting, to discover the Journey to the Next Level.  While journeying to the next level, this year's board represents a variety of talents and areas of professional focus that promises to make the local chapter an even more vital resource for the area's training and development professionals.

With a BIG Welcome and Congratulations, I want to introduce you to your New Board for 2016: Chapter President, Leanne Barron; President-Elect, Kashun Parks; Vice-President, James Ray; Treasurer, Katrina Gramelspacher; Past-President, Karla Byrd; Members-at-Large, Lisa Bellino, Jennifer Holdaway, and Larry Stone.   Come meet your new board and network with local developers of talent.

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!

Karla Byrd, Past President

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