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January 2017 Newsletter

President's Message

As the new year begins, we often reflect on our goals we set last year and our plans for the new year. One key point began to resonate with me as I thought about what ATD Chattanooga would plan to do for 2017: "What do we want to be known for?


Top 10 Reasons to Be an ATD Member

Being an ATD member is your best connection to the tools, resources, networking, and best practices you need to succeed as a talent development professional. We have assembled the top 10 reasons you should be an ATD member, and how these benefits advance your career and organizational impact.


Strategies for Supervising a
Telecommuting Workforce
©copyright by Robert (Bob) W. Lucas

Many approaches are being developed and implemented to address the perpetual evolution of the workplace. Once major shift, and a primary tool for many organizations, is to have workers telecommute or work from home. Telecommuting is a term that broadly defined means "working from a distance." 

Why are so many organizations exploring this radical departure from the centralized management and work concept? Quite simply, it makes a lot of sense under the right circumstances. After all, prior to industrialization, much or the work in a society was performed in the home -- farming, laundry, clothing production, medical care and so on. With the new technologies, employees can now do the work typically performed in the office at home. We now have the best of both worlds at our disposal!

For maximum effectiveness in managing a mobile workforce supervisors must approach their new role with a plan. They can do this by applying a variety of strategies.


Training Today’s Generation 
for the Future

By Alex Fordney

You don’t have to look very far to find unflattering stereotypes of Millennials .  As someone born right on the outer edge of that generation I used to find myself as a bit of a Self-Loathing Millennial.  As companies all across America, and the company I work for in particular, have begun to address how to effectively train the millennial workforce, I’ve begun to realize that many of the negative assessments were unfair. 

When addressing the needs of younger workers, companies should consider these factors...


Lessons from Top Management: 
How to Unengage Your Audience

By David Cox

I recently attended a two-day seminar for managers. Well, not only did I attend but I was responsible for putting a portion of it together. As part of the company’s ongoing effort to keep managers abreast of the latest business techniques and strategies, top managers were to give outstanding presentations to a group of rising stars. These top leaders had years of experience in business, accounting, management, acquisitions, leadership, start-ups, public speaking and training. It was to be an exciting two days with promises of growth and achievement. I was located in the rear of the huge ball room in a convention center as I gasped for each breath. Someone has to close my mouth as I stood in utter disappointment. I prayed for the seminar to end. Please let the time go by faster. Of course, time slowed down as everyone in the room tried to stay awake. We have all been there.

So, what went wrong? I began taking notes regarding the presentation sins of each speaker. I use the list as a reminder of what not-to-do when giving presentations. I wanted to share the list as a reminder to us all.


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