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July 2015 Newsletter

President's Message

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Employees: How to Deal 
with a Difficult Boss

At some point in just about everyone’s career, we have to deal with a difficult person. And in the past, we’ve given you some tips on dealing with difficult clients as well as difficult co-workers.

But what about when it comes to dealing with a difficult boss?

That can end up being a whole different story. Unlike a client or peer, working with a difficult boss takes walking a fine line between letting problems slide, and leveling with them about their shortcomings–a situation no one wants to be in.

To help you avoid these kinds of situations, we are going to talk about different ways to help you deal with difficult bosses. For today, we’ll talk about a few kinds of bosses who often present us with trouble.


Leaders: Why You Need 
to be Tech-Savvy

In the business world today, technology is making a huge impact that extends far beyond those in the IT crowd.

With the greater accessibility we now have to technology, companies are now orienting themselves towards becoming more tech-savvy, and are pushing their employees in that direction too.

No one is more accountable for being tech-savvy than the leaders amongst the company.  We are going to outline a few reasons why leaders need to be tech-savvy. 


ROI Institute

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We are bringing our ROI Certification program to your area and would like to offer educational presentations and discount opportunities to your chapter. Our next ROI Certification will be in Atlanta on August 10-14th, 2015.


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