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October 2014 Newsletter

Are we moving ahead or what?

In today’s confusing world, at your company or non-profit or, if you’re like me, at my little old organization of 1, we must be invincible change agents. Let’s face it, if we are operating the same way next week, as we did this week, we have failed.  We are headed for the scrap pile.  By some measure, we will be smaller, weaker, atrophied, or a bit like my late summer tomato plants, we are going to wither away.  Read more...

The Power of Mentoring 

A mentor helps a mentee learn to be the employee their company needs, one that can correctly identify problems and think strategically, while using the appropriate ‘soft skills’ that support success. Mentoring programs allow organizations to meet the unique training needs of their workforce, while stretching training dollars by tapping into the trainers that already exists within an organization.  Read more...

Managers' Expectations

Managers, are your employees doing what you expect of them? If not, you might want to consider this: Are you sure they know what you expect?

A friend of mine recently got hired into a managerial position. I asked her how it was going, and she spent some time telling me about the failure of the employees to do “what I expect of them.” So my next question was, “What do you expect of them?” A reasonable question, right?  Read more...


What separates an ASTD chapter from simply being a nice group of folks in the development world who like to eat lunch together now and again?  It’s CORE – our Chapter Operating Requirements.  CORE is a set of standards comprised of five areas – administrative, financial, membership, professional development, and communication – designed to help us run our chapter like a business.  Read more...

Using Social Media to 
Screen Candidates (Part I)

We are pretty big fans of using social media when it comes to recruiting, and just about everything else around the office. One point that we would like to stress is that social media isn’t the end all be all of recruiting; in fact, in some cases using it can be to our disadvantage.  Read more...

Using Social Media to 
Screen Candidates (Part II)

We’ve already talked about why you should avoid looking for a candidate’s negative characteristics via social media. To finish off our series, here are the rest of our tips on how to use social media when screening candidates. Read more...

President's Message

It's that time of the year where fall is coming with a slight breeze of coolness in the air.  As the trees and colors change to reflect the new season, we are inspired to see the beauty that is all around us.  What an exciting time to be a part of the Greater Chattanooga American Society for Training & Development!  Changes are about and coming really soon.  Are we ready?  Are you as pumped as I am about change?  Read more...

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