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November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 President's Message

November. Just mentioning the month leads one to think of so many things - giving thanks, turkeys, pumpkins, family, holidays and almost the end of year! I am sure you have your own thoughts that come to mind.

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Save the Date!  Employee Learning Week 2015

Employee Learning Week is an awareness campaign highlighting the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results.

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Why Develop Writing Skills? -- by Deborah Levine

Why bother writing when today’s technology communicates so much for us? Templates plan for us, spell-check edits for us, and there’s enough information online to produce a ocean of plagiarized work. Technical and business writing skills are becoming lost arts. Yet, the success of our communication with colleagues, teams, and clients increasingly relies on our ability to write memos, emails, reports, proposals, and evaluations. Surely, the training of professionals across multiple industries should include the development of writing skills.

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8 Tactics for Gaining and Holding Learner Attention -- by Bob Lucas

Before you can share information and facilitate learning, you must first capture and hold learner attention. Recognizing the importance of this point is a key to better understanding what brain researchers know about how the brain best processes information. You do not have to be a neuroscientist to know that learning and retention can only occur when people are interested and engaged in the learning process. This is central to the concept of learner-centered training.

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