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October 2016 Newsletter

President's Message

This quarter’s focus: What doors are opening for you professionally and how can ATD support you? As fall finally sets in and the temperature drops we look towards the end of the year and contemplate the lessons learned in 2016 and the goals we have for 2017. It’s an exciting time for our chapter, as we get ready to announce a new board and plan the programming and events for 2017.


Survival Skills 
for the New Trainer

by: Karla's Computer Cafe

  • Things To Do
  • Things Not To Do
  • Barriers to Learning
  • What Makes a Good Trainer?
  • What is Said and What is Heard
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • The Probing Toolkit
  • Being Genuine
  • Personal Best, Professional Best
  • Tips for Becoming a Better Listener

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ATD Chattanooga 
Member Benefit

We hope your membership to the Chattanooga Area chapter of ATD provides you with many benefits!  One benefit you may not be aware of is that you get a discount on national ATD membership.  There are many benefits of national ATD membership.  The one remaining question is, which membership is right for you?

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How to Offer 
Constructive Criticism 

by: Sandler Training

As a training professional, one of your most important roles within an organization is providing guidance to other members of the company. Providing this type of guidance can be a challenge, however, as it is important to find a way to communicate your intentions without causing people to feel defensive or sparking resentment.


Systems View of Performance Management

by: Gary W. Wilson

Performance Management is often viewed in the context of periodic formal reviews of an employee’s work performance by their manager. When it comes to Human Performance, managers should not restrict themselves to just managing periodically or using only formal methods.  The performance of employees contributes to a larger encompassing system.  How the employee performs impacts and is impacted by that larger system.  Along with other employees, how the encompassing system is managed determines the success of not only the employees but this containing system as well.  The question is what are the systems the employee operates in and is connected to?  Also, are these systems connected to even larger organizational systems?


Excel 2013 Quick Reference Guide

By: Karla's Computer Cafe

  • Using Flash Fill
  • Hiding and Unhiding Cells
  • Using Slicers
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