Employee development Reaching Remote Employees Through Virtual Coaching

Coaching can help employees reach their full potential, overcome challenges, and build better relationships...but how can you coach virtually?

It can be difficult to have the same type of conversation through a screen that you used to have across a table. Technology has made it easier than ever to connect, but we also know technology brings its own challenges. It can be hard to interpret tone over the phone, there's no shortage of distractions during a video conference, and having a casual conversation over email feels a little forced, doesn't it?

But it is possible to still have effective coaching conversations with your remote employees! In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best communication methods to suit your coaching conversations, tips for becoming a better coach, meeting etiquette, and more!

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PayPro is a local Human Capital Management Provider. Our emphasis in supporting our clients are in the three key areas that every business needs. Hiring employees with Applicant tracking tools, Managing employees through payroll, time and attendance, HRIS and benefit enrollment and Growing employees through collaborative tools and learning management.

Like ATD, we believe that employees who receive a great on-boarding experience and are shown a path to improve their skills in a positive learning environment will be more valuable in the work place and it will increase employee retention.  Mike Steele, Chief Development Officer

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