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What separates an ASTD chapter from simply being a nice group of folks in the development world who like to eat lunch together now and again?  It’s CORE – our Chapter Operating Requirements.  CORE is a set of standards comprised of five areas – administrative, financial, membership, professional development, and communication – designed to help us run our chapter like a business.

I’ve been the chapter’s CORE Coordinator for the last several years, which means I track our progress with meeting the standards and pull together the yearly report to the national organization each January.  I’m happy to say that, for the last five years, our chapter has been 100% CORE compliant which means we met (and sometimes exceeded) every single standard set by our national organization.  While roughly 80% of all chapters met this goal in 2013, it’s by no means a simple task.  ASTD sets the bar high, so we have to do a lot of work, from meeting progressively more aggressive membership metrics to making sure that we have our finances audited and our tax returns filed in a timely fashion, to providing the membership with valuable programs and opportunities. 

The Chattanooga chapter is considered a small (I call us growing) chapter, and I think we can all be proud that we’ve accomplished this objective every year right along with the “big guys,” like our neighboring Atlanta chapter.

However, it’s not just the job of the board to get this done.  As a member of the Chattanooga chapter, you play a significant role in helping us meet our CORE standards.  Every time you join the chapter, renew your national ASTD membership, attend a meeting, or participate in a survey, you move us one step further toward our yearly goal of being 100% CORE compliant. 

And for that, thank you.

Belva Jennings

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