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Nashville ATD: TD Leaders Forum

  • Saturday, April 09, 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • http://astdtn.org/event-2178655

Two popular and significant adages:

" as the leader goes, so goes the organization"


 “the only constant is change”.  

For today’s Talent Development (TD) Leader we might then say, 

"The Best TD Leaders Constantly Drive Organizational Change, FOR Purpose

Join us in this unique, dynamic workshop series called the TD Leaders Forum to explore how a TD function leader can best shape purposeand change:

TD Leadership Purpose for Organizational Change:

  • Develop the perceived role and strategic significance of the TD function, and team, in ways that optimize contributions as a business “partner of choice

  • Provide compelling TD solutions linked directly to mission-critical business objectives and deliver high-value return on expectations

  • Optimize talent alignment, capability, engagement, and mobility for targeted growth of organization productivity and agility

  • Build organizational dynamics and conditions for collaborative interactions that inspire people to “maximally join in and achieve something special

Each of the three TD Leaders Forum sessions is a unique opportunity for professional development that works, and that matters…to YOU!  Come prepared to engage in highly interactive, collegial deliberations. Explore perspectives and differentiated practices used by highly effective TD leaders.  Leave with concrete, personalized ideas to extend your professional capabilities. Leverage your actions for value-added impact.

Click here for important information on each of the three sessions, FAQs, and important registration & fee information.

Attend all or any single session; there are no prerequisites.  Session #1 is 10:00 – 4:00PM CST Saturday April 9, 2016.

The TD Leaders Forum is the ideal balance of: 

  • Exposure to session facilitators who are TD professionals that have “been there and done that with demonstrated success”; all willing to share their concrete ideas and practical experiences.

  • Results-based, informal workshops that are highly interactive, engaging discussions that deliver valuable insights you can customize and apply for value right away in your own organization

  • Core thought leader and proven concepts of TD leadership balanced with a focus on the practical realities of YOUR immediate priorities for professional development

The TD Leaders Forum is open to TD professionals with enterprise-wide, or business unit-level, strategic responsibility for the TD department and associated functional activities; and similar individuals in "near-term" promotion opportunities to this role.

Location TBD.  Similar sessions will be conducted in May and July.  

Note: The TD Leaders Forum is not a conference event.  This interactive, results-based experience limits us to a maximum of 48 participants.  Registration will be available on a first come, first served basis with a priority afforded to ATD Nashville members. 

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