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PayPro is a local Human Capital Management Provider. Our emphasis in supporting our clients are in the three key areas that every business needs. Hiring employees with Applicant tracking tools, Managing employees through payroll, time and attendance, HRIS and benefit enrollment and Growing employees through collaborative tools and learning management.

Like ATD, we believe that employees who receive a great on-boarding experience and are shown a path to improve their skills in a positive learning environment will be more valuable in the work place and it will increase employee retention.  Mike Steele, Chief Development Officer

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A Social Networking Event | Maple Street Biscuit Company

  • Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Maple Street Biscuit | 2114 Gunbarrel Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421


  • Contact Cori Barber Office 423.294.5869 For Corporate Member discounted rate.


Social Networking Event
coming to Maple Street Biscuit Company

When it comes to networking, it’s not just about making a great first impression—it’s about making a lasting one. After all, networking is all about building relationships over time.

But at a networking event—where everyone you meet is sure to be meeting dozens of others, too—how do you make sure that you’re memorable, even after the meeting is over?

Plan to sit down the next day and send a brief email to everyone you met. Let them know you enjoyed meeting them, follow up on anything you discussed at the event, and then, make it personal. Include an inside joke from the night before, share an article you think they might like, or, if you chatted about your hobbies, mention a new band or movie you think they’d like. This little extra effort can be just what it takes to start a worthwhile relationship.

Come and join us!

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