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Love or Hate it! Let’s Discuss all things MBTI

  • Tuesday, December 07, 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
  • Virtual Event


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Since Employee Learning includes learning about ourselves and each other, we invite you to join us for a fun, no pressure virtual meetup to discuss all things MBTI and personality type.

We will ponder relevant questions,  in a relaxed format such as

  • How much do you trust personality Type?
  • Do you find you work better with certain Types?
  • Where has your personality Type helped and hindered you?
  • What animal best represents your Type?
  • What are your personality superpowers?
  • Can we use personality Type for hiring?
  • …and more!

FREE for members and guests

If you do not currently know your Type, we encourage you to take this assessment courtesy of Truity here

In recognition of Employee Learning Week, attendees will be entered to win surprises!." Please plan to join us!


     Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INTJ

     Enneagram: 5w6

     MBTI Certified Practitioner

Joe helps people find their place in the world by bringing clarity to their personality type.

He helps individuals and organizations gain insight through Type by wielding their innate talents for personal and professional growth. He achieves this through the clarifying lens of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

Joe discovered his passion for personality type in 2018 all while working different sales positions. After being furloughed during COVID, Joe decided to take that one big swing in life and turn his obsession into a business.

As a stubborn type himself, he believes that if MBTI could transform him, it can transform anybody.

Most of Joe’s work is 1-on-1 with individuals looking to grow in their career, relationships, or in simply knowing themselves better.



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