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September 2017 Newsletter

President's Message

Many people in our field have found themselves in situations where the jobs they love have been eliminated, downsized, reorganized into another department. Now more than ever, training professionals must work hard to show the value they provide to an organization.


Top 10 Reasons to Be an ATD Member

Being an ATD member is your best connection to the tools, resources, networking, and best practices you need to succeed as a talent development professional. We have assembled the top 10 reasons you should be an ATD member, and how these benefits advance your career and organizational impact.


Virtual Reality Training Complements More Traditional Delivery Methods

By Phil Goldstein

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming an increasingly popular training delivery method across numerous industries. Although it's not yet widespread, its proponents are saying it will soon become the gold standard of training.

VR technology allows users to enter into an immersive experience, simulating real-life situations they are likely to face on the job, making them better prepared for their actual day-to-day tasks in the real world.


Speaking Their Language

By Sandra Neal

As we plan for the end of 2017, it’s time to show company leaders how our learning & development programs have made an impact this year. You might be tracking data about number of participants, hours spent learning, and hopefully evidence that employees gained knowledge from training. You might even be able to show that employees changed their behavior as a result of training. But can you show how these learning programs moved the needle on your company’s goals for the year? If this sounds foreign or confusing, you’re not alone.


How Companies Miss the Boat on Enagagement

By Bill Fotsch and John Case

Why is engaging employees such a challenge for most companies? Heaven knows it’s not for lack of ideas. Spend 30 seconds on the web and you will find lists of 12 or 25 or 49 ways to boost engagement, along with those sad figures about how 70% of workers continue to say they’re unengaged.

So let’s sort out the advice. One category of engagement tips reflects pure self-interest, often identifiable by the little “ad” icon at the top of Google’s search results. Buy our product and your employees will be more engaged in their work. That’s how companies are selling office furnishings, wellness programs, and employee-survey tools these days. One ad touts scheduling software designed to minimize fatigue and burnout, presumably on the hypothesis that burned-out workers aren’t too engaged.


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