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Dealing with Organizational Change

Many people in our field have found themselves in situations where the jobs they love have been eliminated, downsized, reorganized into another department. Now more than ever, training professionals must work hard to show the value they provide to an organization. Personally, I have experienced this and I know how difficult it can be to leave a job you love voluntarily or involuntarily and start over. As I went through these experiences I have learned a few things I would like to share. I am very passionate about training and developing others but I no longer define who I am with a job title. If I work in the training and development field or in another field entirely my passions are the same. This has allowed me to move easily between jobs and job titles.

The other lesson I learned is that you must always show your value. Attending the International Conference and Exposition was very informative and there were many workshops that focused on showing value. When we show value, it allows the decision makers to think twice before eliminating our departments. The final lesson is to be a lifetime learner and always find ways to learn new skills and techniques to do your job better. I am humbled and honored to be a leader in an organization like ATD because we focus on providing development opportunities for training professionals. Take advantage of the workshops, lunch and learn, and  networking opportunities as they can only help you become better at what you do each and everyday.



Kashun Parks, MBA/HRM

President, ATD Chattanooga

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