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Virtual Reality Training Complements More Traditional Delivery Methods
By Phil Goldstein
BizTech Magazine - Full Text Link

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming an increasingly popular training delivery method across numerous industries. Although it's not yet widespread, its proponents are saying it will soon become the gold standard of training. VR technology allows users to enter into an immersive experience, simulating real-life situations they are likely to face on the job, making them better prepared for their actual day-to-day tasks in the real world. One industry where VR is already making waves is transportation. This month, UPS student delivery drivers will use VR headsets to learn to spot and identify road hazards.

UPS Chief Information Officer Juan Perez says VR “offers a big technological leap in the realm of driver safety training.” He adds, “Through this technology, we’ll be able to immerse our UPS drivers and service providers in all kinds of situations that will get them to think about safety and reacting to safety hazards . . . in much more effective ways.” VR training at UPS will serve as a supplement to the training new drivers are already receiving. "This training is foundational, and virtual reality brings it to life,” says Jeanne Lawrence, expansion director at UPS. “VR complements real-world training in a way that deeply engages our employees.”

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