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By Kashun Parks

I have heard the word "Gratitude" used very frequently around the holidays. One way we use this term is to identify how we feel when someone does something for us that makes us happy. As Talent Development Professionals we often can find ourselves being in situations where we have the opportunity to do something that would make someone happy. It can be easy to forget that fact when we are in the midst of frustrations or insecurities that can rise up in our profession. I am very grateful to you because you allowed me to serve you this year as your President. I am grateful for the Board Members this year who were dedicated to providing you with programs and learning events designed for you to learn and grow in your profession. I am grateful for ATD Chattanooga and the passion and care we have to do great things every day. I am hopeful that you enjoyed your year with me and you are looking to another amazing year!


Kashun Parks, MBA/HRM

President, ATD Chattanooga

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