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By Sandra Neal

Time flies when you’re having fun! As we close out the first quarter of the year, I want to remind us of this year’s vision:

We are connecting talent and resources, investing in skills development, and building Chattanooga’s workforce.

While you are hard at work connecting, investing, and building in your local sphere, here’s how we’re doing the same at ATD Chattanooga this year.


We’ve had sixty attendees between our three luncheons this quarter. Those attendees have picked up new skills & knowledge from our presenters on a variety of topics – ROI, persuasion, and needs assessments. We’re also planning a networking luncheon in May so that you can continue building your local professional network – and tell other people about your favorite app or tool that makes life easier.


Our nine Board members are hard at work investing in our members and our community. Those Board members are also building their skills to prepare for the next steps in their careers. If you’re ready to stretch your comfort zone and build up some new skills, here are three prime opportunities:

Director of Programs – spearheads the effort to find engaging speakers on relevant topics. Great role for people who love planning events and are good at details (or want to grow in these areas).

Treasurer – As Katrina transitions off the Board later this year, we’re looking for someone to help with our finances. If you have a good handle on your personal finances and are up for dabbling in Quickbooks, this role could be a good fit for you.

President Elect – A bit like air traffic control, this role is great for organizers and delegators (or those who are working on these skills). The President Elect spends time learning from the Board in preparation to take the reigns in December. As the chapter president, you’re not flying the planes, but you know where they are and help make sure they get where they need to go.

Want to learn more? Let’s get coffee, it’s on me!


ATD Chattanooga isn’t the only organization building Chattanooga’s workforce. That’s why we’ve partnered with SHRM Chattanooga to benefit both groups. As a member of ATD Chattanooga, you can attend SHRM monthly meetings at the member price. Likewise, your friends at SHRM can attend ATD monthly meetings at the member price too. Check out the calendar for details on the next SHRM Chattanooga event.

How have YOU been connecting, investing, and building this year? Let me know at so we can celebrate our successes together.

Sandra Neal


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