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Member Spotlight: Sherri Ingle...

By Staci Lee

Q: How do you feel you will use these books (Sherri recently won a prize pack following a social media contest) to further your professional development?

Right now, I just transitioned into a supervisor role, I’ll use the analytics to give me a better understanding of pulling some measures together and allowing me to look at things in a different way.

I’ve been very excited about the Disney, because I saw a piece about Disney at the ATL ATD years ago, and they’ve always been on my list as a bucket item, I would love to go to a training session with them to see the customer side of things. 

I’ve been to WDW a couple of times, and it’s definitely seamless.  They have no gaps in anything they do, and they go above and beyond, and that’s something to master. 

Q: What was your favorite ATD event you’ve attended so far and why?

At a national level, I attended the ATD conference in ATL last May.  I was supposed to go to a Scott Blanchard session, but it was put on by his dad, Ken Blanchard.  I think I wrote down every word he said!  I got to talk to him, I got him to sign the books I bought the next day.  He has no airs about him, he puts things in a very simplistic way, and he focuses on people being people.  I’ve also been an ATD member in SC in Columbia, and was very active with them, and they produced a once-a-year seminar, and found some good contacts, and good networks.  I’ve also been involved in the Smoky Mtns. Chapter.  I’ve been a member since the early 2000’s, and have always been excited about anything ATD has to offer.

Q:What are some of your professional passions and hopes within your organization?

There’s a wish or a need to provide even more training at this point (at DENSO), even from top-down.  I’m doing a lot of leadership training, but want to focus the next 2-3 on expanding the team that I have and also training more for the front-line associates.

What song do you like to sing in your car when you’re driving by yourself?

I don’t know if I have a go-to song—you know, I like listening to music, but I’m not one that would be the first thing I would ever go to.  I like Frank Sinatra’s and Diana Krall, but a specific song doesn’t come to mind.

Q: What is your favorite hobby or activity that has NOTHING to do with work?

I enjoy playing sports and attending sporting events, especially TN Vols and UTC Mocs for both football and basketball.  I have a seven-year-old who takes a lot of my time; he’s my hobby.

If you were a superhero, who would you be or what powers would you have?

I would aspire to be Wonder Woman for the simple fact to help people in general and to protect people. 


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