We connect talent and resources, invest in skills development, and work to build the Chattanooga area's workforce.

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The end of the year offers opportunities for reflecting on successes, whether through accomplishments or seeming failures. It’s with fondness that I look back on how I joined this amazing community of talent development professionals. It’s been my honor to serve you as President in 2020 and 2021.

During a time when I was looking for professional development opportunities, I joined the Association for Talent Development (ATD; formerly ASTD) and discovered our local chapter, our very own ATD Chattanooga. Although I had no idea at the time there was a local chapter, I also joined and was quickly embraced by many members (too many to name or link!). I was encouraged to actively engage as a member of the Board and was continually supported through that process.

I can honestly say joining ATD has been one of the highlights of my career and my involvement has connected me with many talented, knowledgeable, and helpful individuals who make my talent development journey half as hard and twice as good.

Through my involvement with ATD, I attended one of the annual ATD Chapter Leaders Conference which I believe is where I became acquainted with Christopher Lind. If you do not currently follow Christopher on LinkedIn, I encourage you to do so. One day while reviewing the LinkedIn feed, I saw Christopher’s response on a post by Matthew Ley.  Matt’s topic struck a chord and I also responded although I did not know Matt.

Matt saw my post and reached out to connect with me. We set up a time to video chat and enthusiastically discussed leadership and development philosophies and values. This led to Matt facilitating a great discussion with our ATD Chattanooga chapter during the 2020 Employee Learning Week.

Fast forward to several months later when these connections come full circle. My best friend’s husband was looking for someone to facilitate professional development within his team. Knowing Ty Schroeder’s leadership style and sense of professional values, I immediately thought of Matt Ley to lead this and was able to connect them. All of this was only possible through the power of connection.

I’ve learned community comes in different forms and it begins with me. To remain connected, I must be vulnerable enough to reach out to others, and allow others to connect with me. If we are intentional, these networking opportunities can break from the superficial to meaningful professional and personal bonds.

A key focus at ATD Chattanooga is to connect talent and resources, invest in skills development, and work to build the Chattanooga area’s workforce. Belonging to this amazing group has made that happen for me.

I invite you to engage with us in 2022 as Donna Christian Lowe shares her vision for our chapter and our talent development community. I look forward to 2022 with all of you!

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Looking Ahead...



Dear ATD Chattanooga Members,

I am honored and feel privileged to serve as your ATD Chattanooga President (2022-2023). I am grateful to my predecessor, Madeline Hollis, for her leadership and amazing contributions during her presidency, and all the board members of the ATD Chattanooga Chapter. I look forward to bringing my (25) plus years of Human Resources, Talent Development, Public Relations and Community Outreach experience to this role and organization. As someone who is deeply passionate about promoting learning and developing the performance capacity of individuals and organizations, I welcome you to Chattanooga ATD.

Presidents Vision:

To welcome and serve all ATD members, the ATD board and the Chattanooga community with an open heart and mind.I want to continue operating an efficient and progressive ATD chapter organization, focused on member needs.

President Mission:

To engage, to inspire and to empower our ATD board members, ATD organization members, and our community through grass roots efforts and effective programming.

President Member & Community Focus:

  • During 2022, ATD Chattanooga organization will strive to continue bringing you valuable and strategically focused learning programs.
  • Our programs will be new and diverse topic choices that provide meaningful and impactful benefits to both our members and participating organizations.
  • To serve our community in a NEW way.
  • To be intentional, inclusive and ambitious in our connections and outreach.

2022 - Connecting with ATD Chattanooga:

Our 2022 team is committed to increasing our presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, other social media platforms and our Website to provide ways to easily network and collaborate. I always welcome members' comments or feedback. I encourage you to send me an email with your ideas, questions, or concerns.

It is my pleasure to serve you as the 2022 ATD Chattanooga Board President.

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