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Dear ATD Members,

The ATD Chattanooga Chapter is moving forward from our Covid days with hope and opportunity for our local ATD community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult, particularly for our small businesses. As the economy pushes forward and we resume an in-person approach to life, we all hope for a brighter tomorrow while operating in a new normal of virtual meetings, people working from home and the great resignation being a reality for all who are seeking to hire and retain talent.

The strain of the past two years has served as a stunning reminder of how connected each of us are, in good times and challenging times. If we can lean into those connections and foster even stronger relationships, our local businesses and organizations will be able to come back stronger than ever.

The ATD Chattanooga Chapter offers many opportunities to network, to learn and to engage. I hope that you’ll consider our services and membership to help you better navigate through your talent development needs.

ATD Chattanooga is here to connect talent and resources, invest in skills development, and work to build the Chattanooga area's workforce, and we hope you will choose to be a part of our innovative organization. We’d welcome your participation as we all navigate into this next phase, together.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming ATD Chattanooga Chapter event – in-person! – soon.

All my best,

Donna Christian - Lowe President- ATD Chattanooga

Annual Membership Survey- We Want to Hear From You!

Stay tuned for the Membership Survey which will come out in Q3! 

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ATD Chattanooga now has a chapter account with AmazonSmile.  This means that 5% of our everyday shopping will go to supporting our chapter.  All you have to do is select ATDCHATTANOOGA as the charity you want to support through your purchases.

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Upcoming Events

July 21, 2022 | A Practical Approach to Creating Guidebooks for ILT & VILT 

August 10, 2022 |  ATD Chattanooga Industry SIG: Networking and Book Swap

September 1, 2022 | PARTNER EVENT - VIRTUAL: Conflict Management - 30 Minute Sketch & Seminar

October 20, 2022 |  Avoid Gladiator Hiring: Removing Subjectivity from your Interview Process

In partnership with Southeast Tennessee SHRM, all programs have been submitted to SHRM0PDC AND HRCI recertification credit.


Join an incredible team! Enhance your LinkedIn profile. Add your new skills to your resume. Ensure you are a totally up-to-date learning professional with all the credibility that comes with that. Be cool and a part of a motivated board. We’ll set you up for success and help you transition into your new position. 

Volunteer for a professional development opportunity! Many members want to contribute to the Chapter and have varying amounts of time to invest. Here are a few options if you would like to volunteer. 

  • Communications: Write copy for chapter communications including the newsletter
  • Event Planning and Logistics: Identify locations for meetings and events, arrange snacks, audiovisual and other logistical needs for event, greet attendees, staff the registration table (when in person)
  • Programming: Work with a team of colleagues to identify speakers and plan and host professional development initiatives, workshops and dinner programs
  • Social Media: Post chapter news to LinkedIn
  • Sponsorship: Make phone calls or connect with current/future external partner organizations
  • Membership: Support the membership team in various aspects of recruiting, retaining, and recognizing chapter members
  • Virtual Programming: Assist with planning and delivering webinars
  • Outreach: Connect with members interested in volunteering and match them with opportunities to support chapter activities

All volunteers must be members of the ATD Chattanooga Chapter.


When ATD members join both their local chapter and ATD, they choose to be change makers in their own backyard and knowledge leaders in the talent development profession. Joint membership offers talent development professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field and gain access to research, principles, practices, and templates they can apply directly to influencing organizational results, changing their community, and advancing their career.


Power Membership provides members twice the support, twice the resources, and twice the networking than just one membership. ATD membership provides the tools you need for overall professional success. Chapter membership gives you tools to use in your organization and community. Together, they make you a Power Member!

Chapter Membership
ATD Membership
  • Attend programming targeted to your community 
  • Network with local professionals 
  • Explore career development opportunities 
  • Access business development opportunities
  • Industry-leading content
  • Unlimited access to TD at Work guide
  • Career-advancing educational programs
  • Actionable tools and templates
  • Network with more than 30,000 members
  • News from TD magazine, e-Newsletters, and webinars
  • Member discounts in the ATD Store


Visit the td.org/membership to become an ATD member, select our chapter from the Chapter Incentive Program (CHiP) dropdown menu on the final page of checkout to receive the special ATD Power Member rate and SAVE.

Use this code: CH4087

Extended Reality & Mental Health Support

Published: May 2nd, 2022|Tags: Emerging TechnologiesExtended Reality (XR)Mental Health

Did you know that your employees may already use extended reality (XR) tools for mental health support? Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (collectively known as XR) tools have many applications. Popular examples range from gaming to helping medical professionals train for complex procedures. However, as more experiences are created for XR technologies, mental health assessment and support are becoming more widely available.

In fact, virtual reality was one of the tools that I used to navigate through an episode of depression. By using an application that focused on verbal meditation and reactive visual stimulation based on my voice, I was able to practice daily calming techniques. I was also able to use XR applications to engage with friends from around the world, join a weekly virtual support group and collaborate with colleagues in an immersive environment. When it comes to XR, there are many possibilities that go beyond entertainment.

XR and Mental Health

Employers should understand the many ways they can support the mental health of their employees. While not all uses of XR for mental health will be relevant to the workplace, it is good to understand ways that your employees might utilize these new tools. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways XR might play a role in supporting your employees’ mental health.

Stress & Isolation

From virtual support groups to stress-relieving activities, XR can create new and healthy ways for employees who may find remote work isolating. As many employers are searching for new ways to engage and support employees, some are beginning to turn to XR tools. Recently, a multinational company that gives its employees a yearly wellness stipend opened eligible offerings to include virtual experiences that promote wellness. These virtual wellness experiences can range from meditation to movement.

Mental Health Assessments

Early research supports the ability of XR to be an effective tool in assessing mental health. According to Bell et al., “VR elicits similar psychological and physiological reactions to real-world environments, extending the reach of current assessments beyond the lab or clinic. Superior capabilities for experimental manipulation and controlled exposure could significantly advance the field of mental health by improving methodological rigor, as well as enabling more accurate and individualized assessment.”


Another interesting application of XR is exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many people who experience PTSD may benefit from specific programs designed to help them from their own homes.

XR and Accessibility

Evidence shows that immersive tools can be used to improve mental health. From assessments to guided meditation experiences and immersive art creation, there are many options for people to choose from to find support. While these applications of XR are exciting, it is critical to remember that each tool and experience must be accessible for all in order to be considered a success.

Note: The content above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you or someone that you know would benefit from mental health resources, please speak with a medical professional, and consider visiting the following resources:

Learn More:

Author's Corner

Did you know that several of our members are published authors?
Below are just a few who will be joining us August 10th event.  Register Here

Amy Eaton

The author shares about REST: Choosing Peace, Growth, and Learning Holy Rest

I wrote REST: Choosing Peace, Growth, and Learning Holy Rest for myself as much as for others trying to juggle career, family, friends, and everything life brings. It’s an intentionally simple journey of creating pause and centering myself on God by reflecting upon how I’m choosing his ways and meditating on his word. My experience in the Learning and Development (L&D) field contributed significantly to my ability to form and write this devotional book. Through my M.S. in Psychology and my work in the field, I have a greater understanding of learning and cognition and the importance of structuring material in a way that the reader experiences self-discovery. My L&D work has contributed to the success of this book in the way that I’ve learned the importance of research supported tools, collaborative work, and how to bring a print item from vision to life with editors, designers, and direct-print intricacies. My work has also equipped me to be a purposeful speaker when invited to speak and present regarding the book’s message.

Link to Amazon

Robert Barber

CEO For Life Academy, Professional Performance Coach

In 2008, I was going broke. I left a lucrative executive position in a Fortune 150 company as a Human Resources and Labor Relations Executive to pursue entrepreneurship in commercial real estate. That year taught me, I how to be my own CEO. A CEO for my business and for my life. I had to learn how to blend all the best from my life as a W2 and now a 1099. CEO For Life was born in that moment. In the years after, my partners and I grew three successful ventures. When I excited the firm in 2018, we just hit 13 offices, 225 advisors, and $917 million in sales for that year alone. CEO For Life is a book that is designed to challenge you to think and act like your own CEO for your role in work and life with practical principles and exercises to work it out in real time.

Links to Kindle and Amazon

Robert Barber You Tube: https://tinyurl.com/wvac9tj

Robert Barber LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/robertleebarber

Robert Barber Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertbarberrealestate

Robert Barber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.l.barber

Robert Barber Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/rbarberfl

Robert Barber Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertlbarber

Joe Arrigo

A Typology addict, pontificator, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Coach (he is an INTJ).

Marble and Sculptor: A Personality Type Manifesto

I became so obsessed with personality type in early 2019 that I decided to take that obsession and turn it into a business. Life had plateaued for me, and MBTI lit the fire under me to wield my unique skills for myself and for others. I started my official coaching business in 2020 after being furloughed due to COVID, and over the last few years I amassed enough hands-on, practical knowledge about how to apply personality type and MBTI to your life that I was compelled to put it all into a book. I consider this one of my biggest life accomplishments as I am not a natural writer!

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